Todd Fleming

Selected Projects and Experiments

All the live links work in Chrome. All of them except LaserWeb4 also work in Firefox.

Live Source Description Technologies
Clang In Browser cib Clang runs in the browser, generating wasm which also runs in the browser. llvm, emscripten, custom wasm linker
em-shell em-shell busy-box running in the browser emscripten, service worker
maze maze Solve a maze at compile time. Solution is in the disassembly. C++17 constexpr
OffsetMesh OffsetMesh Uses GPU to offset STL meshes. Potential use in 3D CAM. Computation in WebGL
LaserWeb4 LW4 Control your laser cutter or CNC machine. I joined forces with the LaserWeb team to create a fresh rewrite based on React and raw WebGL. I also brought in and improved jscut technology. react+redux, emscripten, raw WebGL
jscut jscut Convert SVG into gcode for your CNC machine. First plugin-free browser-based CAM. emscripten, raw WebGL
  grbl-lpc I ported grbl to the LPC1769 for driving laser cutters and CNC machines. Has step rates up to 200 kHz. Embedded real-time control